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 Ideal Free Photo Hosting Sites..

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PostSubject: Ideal Free Photo Hosting Sites..   Sat Aug 26, 2017 9:39 pm

Here's a few photo hosting websites that are ideal to store your photos to be posted on Action Man World:

1.  A bit fiddly to start with but pretty good once mastered.

2.   Postimage is a very simple site that gives you free image hosting for life with or without creating an account first. Best for: Uploading individual photos to be shared on forum message boards.

3.  Allows 1000 photos a month to be uploaded, it's good for a little bit of extra free storage and is for amateur photographers.

4. Your images are stored on the site forever (even as an anonymous user without an account) as long as you adhere to the terms of service.

5. Keep your photo albums private to keep your monthly bandwidth allowance low.

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Ideal Free Photo Hosting Sites..
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