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 My vague memories of Action Man..

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PostSubject: My vague memories of Action Man..   Sat Jun 10, 2017 12:18 pm

I have vague memories of seeing Action Man sets on sale in Woolworths and the Argos catalogue back in the mid 1990's into the 2000's, some younger members of my family also had Action Man figures, plus I saw a few of the TV adverts. I remember seeing the famous wall of orange packaging in Woolworths and liked what I saw, the colourful display gave off a vibe of "look at me and come and buy me" it wanted immediate attention from your eyes. I also remember inspecting some of the sets in my hands and wishing to buy some the following week. The way the contents were displayed in their window box packaging was very enticing and attractive, but at that time I was very busy doing a lot of fishing and travelling and forgot to buy any the following week...

It wasn't until about 10 years later that I finally got around to getting a few loose figures and some carded uniforms, the rest is history. I am now into Action Man in a big way, they remind me of how much fun I had in my back garden with my very first issue Action Man when I was a kid. Modern Action Man is similar to the super heroes from the Marvel and DC comic books, it's an action packed toy line that deserves to be on sale again in the toy shops.

I wish Hasbro would dust off their Action Man molding tools and restart the line again and bring back happy memories for many people. It's not just war and army that makes an action figure range successful, it can also be action packed comic book style and be just as successful. Action Man is definitely something straight out of an action packed comic book. Wouldn't it be nice if Woolworths came back to our UK high streets with Action Man on the shelves again.

Do you have fond memories of Action Man from back in the day ? (1993 - 2006) bounce

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My vague memories of Action Man..
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