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 Forward: Hello from clivvers and why Action Man..

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PostSubject: Forward: Hello from clivvers and why Action Man..   Sat 10 Jun 2017 - 10:34


My screen name is clivvers and I'm a huge fan of the 1993 - 2006 modern Action Man figures that were manufactured by the toy company Hasbro. The Action Man figures that were made between those years are now referred to as MAM (Modern Action Man). This name invention was brought about by fans of the original 1966 - 1984 Action Man range, they wanted to separate the modern era Action Man figures (1993 - 2006) from the original first Action Man range, it's their way of identifying the two eras, so now MAM is accepted as the normal name for that era on both sides of the fence.

So why Action Man?:

The reason I like the "MAM" range is because it's Hi-Tech looking, robust, colourful and fun, I also had the privilege of owning some of the first generation Action Man figures back in the late 1960's and find the new modern version of Action Man just as fun. MAM also has good playability that's no doubt helped along by the minds eye, the figures were designed for youngsters from the age of 4yrs and upwards, so the range had to be able to stand up to punishing play use, that's why I think the figure is very chunky in appearance compared to the original Action Man figure. The unique thing about Action Man is: you can dress him up to be anybody you want him to be through mixing up of outfits and equipment until you get the desired character you want, whether it's a soldier, spy, Street Security, Rambler, urban Adventurer or Parachutist, there's always something for everyone to enjoy through all the different character designs in the world of modern Action Man.

There's no denying how popular MAM was when it was in production, there were Action Man comics issued for at least 10 years, plus a successful DVD cartoon series and computer games dedicated to the hero. Action Man brought so much joy to many thousands of youngsters back in the day and still does to a lesser extent, and remember, the 1990's Action Man is an authentic genuine Hasbro product that carried the original 1966 - 1984 legendary Action Man brand name through the 1990's into the 2000's and beyond, but in a new upgraded robust and fresh design, which many will find exciting. This unique toy range is also educational too, some of the books dedicated to this toy hero detail interesting facts about extreme sports and other strenuous activities. Another important note to remember is: the Action Man figures that were made between the years 1993 - 1997 are now classed as vintage, so are quite collectable to the fans who originally owned the toy back in it's heyday.

I originally started designing this forum about 2 years ago and has had three redesigns since then, it was designed for Action Man fans to come and share their appreciation of the greatest toy action hero of them all, and a place away from the fast lane of Facebook, I wanted this forum to be a safe haven for genuine Action Man fans to come and share their passion with like-minded people. This fan forum is ideal to be viewed via desktop and laptop computers with large screens, then all the HD photo detail can easily be seen by using HDMI, Display Port, or DVI connections, hopefully the quality will be similar on smaller screen tablets when using the zoom option.

Please try and take time out to comment on other members posts where you can, because like you they made the effort to post something for your viewing pleasure, by doing this it helps keep this fan forum thriving, we don't want this forum to go under through lack of posts, so please think of your fellow forum members, a little bit of encouragement goes a long way. I hope you enjoy visiting this forum and look forward to your contributions in helping me digitally celebrate this action packed toy hero. One final point.. it's not important to have a vast sized collection of Action Man figures, only a couple will do, you will all be treated equal here. The following slogan perfectly sums up Action Man: "Action Man The Greatest Hero Of Them All", So onwards and forwards in friendship with the Action Man Team. Smile

clivvers @ Welcome To A.M.W.I.C. 2016.

clivvers, saviour of the huMAM race..

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Forward: Hello from clivvers and why Action Man..
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