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 Ultra Corps "Junk Yard" 12" Action Figure By Lanard..

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PostSubject: Ultra Corps "Junk Yard" 12" Action Figure By Lanard..   Sat Apr 28, 2018 4:43 pm

I received this figure and loose Action Man outfits in the post from a friend of mine last year, it's an Ultra Corps 12" scale action figure called "Junk Yard" by a toy company called Lanard, I'm not sure if the figure is wearing the officially released outfit?. He also sent me the dog, Thanks Ackie88!. I'm a big fan of the early Ultra Corps figures, I have a tidy bundle of them now, including 2 firemen, all found at car boot sales for pennies over the years.

Thanks Ackie.

amwic, saviour of the huMAM race..

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Ultra Corps "Junk Yard" 12" Action Figure By Lanard..
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