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 Wilko Heroes (cheap Knock Offs)..

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PostSubject: Wilko Heroes (cheap Knock Offs)..   Wed Oct 18, 2017 1:32 am

These cheap 12" tall Knock offs were on sale at my local Wilko store for £5 a box some years back, I mainly wanted them for their accessories. The uniforms won't fit Action Man figures properly from any era, because the garments will be a very tight fit. The figure has some articulation in the important places and are molded in a quality vinyl/rubber, some good Ken style poses are possible with this offerening.. The hands are made of a soft rubber/vinyl and the waist swivels left and right.. the hands were designed to hold the supplied weapons and they do the job pretty well.. not forgetting the head, it swivels left and right only. The jacket and trousers are fastened together with small velcro fastening strips..

These figures are ideal to be dressed in Mattel's Ken clothes and used as Ken's buddy or Barbie's boyfriend, so are ideal for Barbie fans too. I was going to use these figures in future homegrown Action Man photo comics, the actual figure is quite nice quality for the cheap price they sell for.. You can have any hair colour as long as it's blonde..

I posted these figures because they are part of recent 1/6 scale action figure history, these are cheap toys and aimed at 5 year olds.

amwic, saviour of the huMAM race..

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Wilko Heroes (cheap Knock Offs)..
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